Introducing HARDWIRED Certification


What does it mean to be

Hardwired Certified?

You're doing your part as a business owner, listening to increasing consumer demands for healthy spaces and leading the way toward better public health in your community. It's a badge of honor and a beacon for

others to follow.

What benefits come with certification?

Aside from product discounts, continued personalized service, a healthy work space, and profit opportunities, you'll be showing your customers and employees that you don't compromise when it comes to their health. And we think that's something worth bragging about.

What businesses should

get certified?

We believe that small businesses are the heart of a healthy and more equitable economy. Certification is currently focused on small businesses (those with 1-2 locations) where physical space is shared with customers and/or employees.

No space is too small for big ideas.

How much does it cost to

get certified?

This is a movement. We never want a business to turn down certification due to cost. *This is why our standard package starts at only $75, plus the cost of your new products. Hardwired is supported each time you order toxin-free products to support your business.

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It's time to come clean.

Get HARDWIRED Certified.


Starting at just


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What happens after I book my appointment?

First, you'll get an email from us walking you through how to list out your current business support products. This will be your homework and we'll discuss the list in the Kick-Off Meeting.

Kick-Off Meeting

We'll begin by discussing what your business does, what your goals are, what concerns brought you to Hardwired, and what you can expect out of a Hardwired Certification. Next, we'll go over the list of products you use to support your small business and make sure we have everything accounted for. We'll provide a high-level assessment of your current product safety. This ends the Kick-Off Meeting and we'll set a date for your Certification Meeting.


Plan Preparation

Your Hardwired partner will begin working on product plans and options to help you decide what to do next. You'll receive a Product Replacement Plan with options needed to show that either the upkeep products (Silver Plan) or all of the products (Gold Plan) used in your business are toxin-free. You'll also receive a Business Enhancement Plan with ideas for products to enhance your customer experience and a Retail Plan with ideas for toxin-free products you can sell in your store at a 24% profit.


Certification Meeting

Once you review your Product Plans, we'll have our Certification Meeting where we'll help you set up your Young Living member account, explain the benefits available to you, order the products you need, and answer any questions you may have. Once set up, we'll send you two Hardwired Certified™ decals (either transparent window decals or opaque wall decals) and social media graphics to share with your customers.


You'll then become certified at one of the following levels, depending on the options you choose:

Use Only Toxin-Free Upkeep Products*

All cleaners, air fresheners, incense, diffusers, candles, soaps, sanitizers, toilet/urinal products

Use Only Toxin-Free Business-Specific Products*

All products used in the actual practice of your business; Examples: massage oils for a spa, paints for an artist, shampoo for a hair salon

Participation in Annual Employee Training 

from Hardwired on toxic ingredient awareness for healthy personal care (Hardwired Certified businesses enjoy 24% off)


Silver +


Gold +

Optional Detailed Product Assessment**
An in-depth look at ingredient hazards for five of your current upkeep products to help you better understand the potential dangers ($40 add-on)

* Excludes products required by law

** Available with certification, but not required

SilverCertified_Rev2 - Transp BG.png
Gold Fabric
GoldCertified_Rev2 - Transp BG.png
Recycled Paper
Gold Window Decal_Rev2.png

Hardwired Certified decals and social media graphics let your customers and employees know you've made a commitment in their best interest.


Now, more than ever, your personal commitment to your customers and community are essential in building the trust and loyalty required to thrive as a small business.